How it works?


The Comfy ‘N Easy Pet Dryer is the more comfortable,  stress-free, safer, and easier way to dry pets after a bath. Traditional grooming fans are very loud and stressful to pets and groomers alike! A dog’s hearing is much more acute than a humans. Imagine what those loud blowers must sound like to them! The Comfy ‘N Easy Pet Dryer creates a superior, more enjoyable environment for the pet and a better working environment for the groomer.

With traditional blowers and fans it’s no wonder that by the end of the day, many groomers are completely frazzled. The Comfy ‘N Easy Pet Dryer makes for a much more tranquil workplace. And the convenience of the Comfy ‘N Easy Pet Dryer allows the groomer to multi-task. While one pet is drying, the groomer can start another.

Not only does the Comfy ‘N Easy Pet Dryer produce a less stressful experience for the pet, the far infrared lighting feature makes for a healthier drying experience as well. Far Infrared Therapy (FIT) reduces the growth and spread of bacteria, fleas, mites, and other parasites. It can have a healing effect on animals with skin disorders and may help reduce incidence of skin disease.


The Comfy ‘N Easy Pet Dryer is simple and easy to use. Simply adjust the temperature, set the timer or one of the preset program functions, and the Comfy N Easy Pet Dryer will do the rest.

Dog hair can often become tangled but the Comfy ‘N Easy Pet Dryer helps fur stay smooth, making brushing easier. Loose fur is trapped in the filters, making clean-up simple. No need for any time-consuming sweeping of pet fur.

Also the Comfy ‘N Easy Pet Dryer prevents accidents that can occur in pet salons. Most groomers place pets on a table or platform to dry them. Even tethered, it can be dangerous. If proper safety measures are not followed there is always a risk of the pet falling and becoming injured. These potential dangers are eliminated with the Comfy ‘N Easy Pet Dryer.