How it works?


The Comfy n’ Easy Pet Dryer produces a nice “summer breeze” for your pets to enjoy while drying after a bath. Unlike other dryers, the Comfy n’ Easy Pet Dryer creates a gentle, warm, quiet breeze, using three to four dimensional air nozzles. This controlled warmth soothes your pet’s skin. This method of drying is much more relaxing than the traditional rough towel and blow hair dryer. Using a blow hair dryer makes a harsh noise and creates stress for your pets. This product comforts not only your pets, but also you!

Generally, groomers are frazzled from the loud noise generated by dryers. The soothing hum of the Comfy n’ Easy Pet Dryer makes your work environment more tranquil. The convenience allows you to multitask and keep business going. While one pet is drying, you can start another.


What would make anyone feel more comfortable than a nice “summer breeze”?

The answer is simple: the feeling of being safe and healthy. That’s why the far infrared light inside the Comfy n’ Easy Pet Dryer is so important. It helps your pets in fundamental ways by reducing the growth and spread of bacterial germs, fleas, mites, and other parasites, repairing your pet’s skin, reducing dermatological disease, promoting the absorption of skin treatment medicine, and relieving ear infections.


The Comfy n’ Easy Pet Dryer is simple and easy to use. Just adjust the temperature, set the timer, and let your pet enjoy a summer breeze.

If your pet feels the call of nature while in the dryer, it is not a problem: the bottom pullout tray makes cleanup easy.

The Comfy n’ Easy Pet Dryer was created with a light eco-friendly material called ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), that is often used to make babies’ toys and face massagers. This safe, sturdy material is light, making the Comfy n’ Easy Pet dryer easy to carry and move.

Pets’ hair can often become tangled, but the Comfy n’ Easy Pet Dryer helps pets’ fur stay smooth, making brushing easier. Loose fur is trapped in a filter on the side of the dryer, making it simple for you to clean up and avoid any time absorbing sweeping.

The Comfy n’ Easy Pet Dryer also helps allay wet weather woes. Drying off dogs several times a day when it rains or snows is a messy chore. The Comfy n’ Easy Pet Dryer is the perfect solution. Dogs can bask in the warmth of the dryer instead of shaking water off all over the house and shivering until they are dry.


The Comfy n’ Easy Pet Dryer prevents accidents that can occur at pet salons. Usually, groomers place pets on a platform to dry off. Even with a leash, it is dangerous for a pet to be off the ground. There is a chance of the pet slipping, falling and injuring itself.

The reliable built-in Safety System in the Comfy n’ Easy Pet Dryer was designed to keep your pets safe through a multi-level safety system that blocks any short circuits by shutting down any drying activities and alerting you with a buzzer. As a precaution, the Safety System shuts off all activities after 15 minutes and buzzes. If your pet is not completely dry, just turn it on again.

Since Comfy n’ Easy blows air indirectly through a circulating system inside the dryer, it does not blow air directly into the pet’s face, assuring your pet breathes easily. The Comfy n’ Easy Pet Dryer’s nozzles circulate heat evenly and comfortably in order to dry all parts of your pet without any direct heat.


The health of a pet is always the main concern for pet owners and groomers. Pets can often get skin disease. Maintaining your pets’ eating habits and proper weight prevents internal problems, and keeping them well groomed and tangle-free prevents external problems, such as bacteria, fleas, parasites, and mites. The far infrared light bulb installed inside the Comfy n’ Easy Pet Dryer can help revive your pet’s skin by stimulating blood circulation. The air nozzles keep your pet’s fur flowing, making it easier to brush through, avoiding tangles. By using the Comfy n’ Easy Pet Dryer, your pet will have healthy skin.