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Q?What is Far Infrared Light?

Far Infrared emits long waves of harmless infrared radiation. It is popular among people with severe allergies because it does not give off emissions or odors. Far Infrared Therapy (FIT) also known as Heat Therapy is often used in saunas for treating chronic health problems such as high blood pressure. Hospitals use it in their maternity and baby care units. It is beneficial to pets as well as humans.

Q?So what does Far Infrared lighting have to do with the Comfy ‘N Easy Pet Dryer?

The infrared bulb inside the Comfy ‘N Easy Pet Dryer is controlled independently of the LED lighting in the Comfy ‘N Easy Pet Dryer. The far infrared lamps safely prevent the growth of germs, fleas, and mites on the pet. It also helps to increase blood circulation and assists in the healing of some skin disorders to name a few of benefits of FIT.

Q?How long does the Comfy ‘N Easy Pet Dryer take to dry a dog?

It depends on the size of the dog and the amount of fur. Generally it takes about 20-25 minutes to dry small dogs, 30-40 minutes for medium size dogs, and 50-60 minutes for large dogs.

Q?Does it ever get too hot inside the Comfy ‘N Easy Pet Dryer?

No. The Comfy ‘N Easy Pet Dryer is thermostatically controlled and will not produce a temperature of more than 85 degrees in Fahrenheit.

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